Benefits of Upgrading Your Router to Make Your Life Easier

Upgrading Your Router

A router is an essential gadget that makes your work easier. Therefore, it is important to keep upgrading your router regularly to smooth your work at regular intervals. Many experts recommend that one should upgrade the router every 5 years. If you have router connection issues or unstable Wi-Fi speed, it is time for you to upgrade the router.

Upgrading Your Router Helps You With:

Good Connectivity

Do you constantly face router network problems? There may be several reasons for network issues, including poor connectivity. Read our blog on 6 main causes why your router keeps disconnecting, if you’re facing the same issue. Now back to the topic, new routers support the latest Wi-Fi standards like Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E, and Wi-Fi 7, which are specially designed for optimizing connectivity in a high-density environment like a workspace. Furthermore, the new routers support simultaneous connections, faster data transfer rates, and better coverage, which improves your productivity.

Advanced Features 

With a new router, you get advanced features like content control, guest networks, and quality of service settings. Upgraded features help you with certain factors, like content control, which limits access to websites and filters website content. It allows for restricting inappropriate content. Similarly, with a guest network, you allow visitors to access the internet connection and protect your device from security threats. Quality of Service, or QoS, helps prioritize the traffic on your device for faster connectivity. 

Enhanced Security

Getting a new Wi-Fi router can improve security features. For instance, WPA3 encryption protects against cyber threats. As home routers are quite vulnerable to cyberattacks, it is important to have an easy-to-manage security suite for routers. 

Stable Network

New routers have advanced antennas that can help extend the range of Wi-Fi signals and reduce dead zones. Also, using mesh networks can help you have a stable connection as the group of connectivity devices is connected to create large and continuous networks to enhance speed. 

Maintaining the Latest Wi-Fi Standards

Your router must be compatible with the latest gadgets like smartphones, laptops, and many more. With the latest Wi-Fi standards, you can connect to any smart device at a faster speed and not face router connection issues.

Upgrading to new routers can bring numerous benefits, like boosting the performance of home networks, improving speed range, ensuring stable connectivity, and so on. However, there is also a possibility that you may not need a new router and the connectivity issue can be resolved via our technical support. 

So, if you have been using an old router and facing router connectivity issues, you can contact 24×7 router support via chat, phone, or mail. Our technical team will help you navigate the issue of connectivity and configure the router set for better speed.

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