Steps to update router firmware Netgear manually

update router firmware Netgear manually

The Netgear router is the best only when you know the technical know-how. When you own a Netgear router, you know you are choosing one of the fastest brands in the world.

But buying the router will not solve your problem. You need to know the technical possibilities, too. If you do not update your router firmware, Netgear, you pose serious threats to your device.

The device becomes vulnerable to potential threats. It is because the hackers exploit the 

security holes to gain access to the network. When you use an outdated router, the device gets vulnerable.

Also, when you use an outdated router, you can see that the performance of your router slows down. The bugs can slow down the speed and connections to the router.

Thus, updating the Netgear firmware helps resolve router complexities.

Before understanding the steps to update the Netgear firmware, let us first learn the definition of a Netgear router. 

What is router firmware?

It refers to the software embedded within the router. This software controls the functioning and the capacities. It helps improve performance and checks security. Updating the router makes it compatible with various devices.

Routers help in the management of network traffic to establish secure connections. The strong WiFi connectivity does half of your work. It helps with firewall settings and port forwarding. All these are essential for a better connection between the device and the router.

The following blog tells you about the steps for updating Netgear router firmware. You can follow the instructions to update the firmware from time to time.

You can connect the device or computer to the router through the Ethernet cable.

What are the steps for Updating Netgear Router Firmware?

  • Connect the router to the device.
  • Open the web browser.
  • Log in to your default gateway.
  • Or, you may use the default IP address.
  • Enter the username and the password.
  • Then, go to your router gateway.
  • Select Advanced.
  • Then, click on Administration.
  • Then, go to the Router Update option.
  • The router update page opens up.
  • Click on Check.
  • Then, select Yes.
  • The router finds the latest firmware for you.
  • Download the right firmware.

Keep the following things in mind:

  • Do not interrupt the process while the Netgear firmware is being updated.
  • Close the browser.
  • Avoid clicking on the links.
  • Do not load or open any new web pages.
  • Do not shut down the router or the device.

How do I update the Netgear Router Firmware Manually?

  • Connect the router to your device through an Ethernet cable. 
  • Save the Netgear firmware file on your desktop. 
  • Unzip the downloaded file.

Please do not download the wrong file because it will cause more trouble. Your file firmware should end with a.img or .chk extension.

  • Go to your default IP address.
  • A login window screen pops up. 
  • Enter the password and the username. 
  • You will see a basic home page screen pop-up. 
  • Go to the Advanced Options. 
  • Select the Administration. 
  •  Then, go to the router update option. 
  • A router firmware update page will appear. 
  • Click on the browse button. 
  • Find the firmware file and click on the Upload button. 

How do you Automatically Update the Firmware?

  • Open the web browser using WiFi. 
  • Go to the default gateway. 
  • A login window screen pops up. 
  • Enter the password and the username. 
  • Home page displays. 
  • Go to Advanced. 
  • Select Administration. 
  • Then, go to Router Update. 
  • You will see a router update page. 

When you automatically choose to update your router firmware, every time a new firmware arrives, the router gets updated. So, the settings are default and will not be changed. 

Why should you update router firmware?

You should update the router firmware because it will add new features. It helps improve your router’s functioning because fixing bugs resolves half of your problems. 

Also, do not download the incorrect firmware file because it will hamper the router’s functionality. Updating the router improves the speed of dropped connections. 

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