How to Reset Netgear Router Password

How to Reset Netgear Router Password

Routers serve as digital gatekeepers to the vast internet realms, orchestrating data flow to our devices. Netgear routers are among the premier brands due to their performance and reliability; even so, regular maintenance such as resetting passwords must still take place for optimal use – whether forgetting it altogether or increasing security measures. We offer a comprehensive guide that not only outlines how but also why this step is essential and how to do it successfully.

Why reset my Netgear router password?

Understanding the significance of resetting the Netgear router password is vitally important.

Password Forgetting: Passwords can easily get lost in the digital chaos of today, particularly if they haven’t been used regularly or for an extended period.

Routers play an essential role in protecting digital infrastructures and they must be strengthened against unauthorized access. As part of a proactive security measure, it’s advisable to change passwords regularly to maintain network integrity.

Routine Maintenance: Routinely maintaining your router can extend its lifespan and enhance performance, including changing its password periodically to refresh its settings and improve performance.

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How to reset the password on a Netgear router

There are various methods available to you for resetting the password on your Netgear router, and here’s an in-depth examination of each.

Method 1

To quickly restore your Netgear router’s factory settings and reset its password, this first method can be effective. Users looking for a fast and straightforward method often opt for this approach to resetting their router password quickly and securely.

Locate the Reset Button: Netgear routers usually feature a small, discreet Reset button at either the back or bottom of their devices. To reset your device successfully, you must locate this Reset button first.

Press and Hold: With your router powered on, place a thin object such as a paperclip into the opening of the reset button and hold down for 10-15 seconds with steady pressure until the Power LED starts blinking.

As soon as the Power LED begins flashing, release the Reset button and wait a moment or so for rebooting to take place. At that time, all settings including password will be reset back to factory defaults including your new password.

Now you can access your router settings using its default username (“admin”) and password, and change them according to your preference.

Method 2: Leveraging Netgear Genie 

Netgear Genie offers an intuitive user interface for managing router settings and resetting passwords, making this option the ideal way to configure their router quickly and mobile-friendly.

Download and Install the Netgear Genie App: Navigate to your phone or tablet’s app store, follow on-screen instructions to install the application, and access its contents, is all you need to install it onto your device.

Launch and Navigate the App: After installing, launch the app and navigate to “Router Setup”, where you will have access to various router configuration options – being able to reset your password if need be.

Sign in: If you already have an existing Netgear account, sign in using your credentials to gain access to Netgear advanced features and settings. Otherwise, if this is your first time creating one, create one before continuing.

Modify Password: After signing in, locate the option to change your router password in the app interface and follow its instructions to reset it. It will make this experience seamless!

Resetting a Netgear router’s password using either the Netgear Genie App or its reset button, is an effective way of maintaining security and functionality.

Tips to Reset Your Password Successfully

Adherence to these best practices will guarantee a secure and seamless password reset experience.

Before You Begin. Before resetting your device, back up all of its settings – especially any custom configurations – this step will ease reconfiguring it afterward.

Implement Strong Passwords. When setting up new passwords, give priority to strength and originality. A strong password typically comprises uppercase letters, lowercase letters, special characters, and combinations thereof.

Install any firmware updates available after performing a reset, such as security patches and performance enhancements.

Strengthen Your Network. In addition to changing the password, you can bolster your network by enabling encryption (WPA2 and WPA3), changing its default network name(SSID), and disabling remote management.


Resetting your Netgear router password is simple and can ensure the safety and functionality of your network. Following these instructions will guarantee a successful reset using the reset button or Netgear Genie. For optimal network security, take additional measures like backing up settings or using strong passwords; these preventive measures can ensure an uninterrupted internet connection across all your devices.

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