Step-by-Step Guide to Update Router Firmware

Update Router Firmware

It is essential to update devices to prevent security threats and ensure that the devices are working smoothly. If you are someone using an old router, there is a possibility that the manufacturer has launched a new firmware update and you need to change router settings online. Upgrading router firmware is easy, but if you have been facing any trouble updating firmware, continue reading. 

In this post, you will learn some quick ways to update the router’s firmware.

To upgrade router firmware, you need to get access to your router. For this, enter the specific IP address in the browser. If you are unable to find the IP address, check the router’s instruction manual. Once you get the IP address, log in to your router to update the firmware.

For Updating Router Firmware

  • Connect your router to the device using an Ethernet cable for stable internet.
  • Open the internet browser and write down the IP address in the address bar.
  • Enter the login details.
  • Once you have entered the login details, find Firmware Upgrade, Router Upgrade, or options similar to this. However, these options are found in different sections depending on the router model. Usually, this option is available under the Administration, Maintenance, or Utilities section.
  • Once you have selected the Firmware Upgrade option, you will be able to see the details of the current firmware. Keep the details in mind or note them somewhere.
  • Then, go to the manufacturing website of your router and find the Support section or something similar to this. Again, the section varies depending on your router model.
  • Find your router model and check for updates, if any are available. Once you choose this, you will be able to see the details of the current firmware. Note it and compare it with the details of the current firmware.
  • Once you find any firmware update, download it and extract the files to a location where they are easily accessible.
  • Now, look for an update section in the router. There, you will find ‘Browse’ or something similar to the “Choose File” option. Click here and go to the file you have recently downloaded (mentioned previously) or search it by name.
  • Once you have chosen the firmware file, select the Upgrade option and wait for a while.
  • Once the upgrade is complete, the router will restart, and the new firmware will be installed.

Some routers automatically update their firmware, so there is no need to upgrade manually. Also, if the firmware upgrade fails, you need to reset your router.

In Conclusion,

Follow the above steps to upgrade the firmware of your router. If you have trouble upgrading firmware, get in touch with 24×7 router support via chat, or mail. Our technical team will help you navigate the correct way to upgrade the router, including Netgear Router Update, Nighthawk, and Orbi routers. For more information on how we can help you with any technical issues with router settings online, contact us.

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