Netgear Nighthawk M6 Pro Router Overheats? Find the Right Solution

Netgear Nighthawk M6 Pro

When it comes to high speed and connectivity, nothing can beat Netgear Nighthawk M6 Pro routers. So, whether you are streaming online or playing live, this mobile router has always been on the top list of streamers and gamers.

However, one of the most significant complaints that the users have reported is the overheating of the Netgear Nighthawk M6 Pro. The router overheating reduces its performance, ultimately resulting in the entire router slowing down and shutting off. Therefore, it is essential to consider thermal management to let the router perform seamlessly.

In today’s blog, we will be discussing one of the most common problems with router overheating, specifically the Netgear Nighthawk M6 Pro.

What are the Reasons behind Router Overheating?

It is important to know the reasons to figure out the cause of your router overheating. This will help you get to the root cause of the decline in the router’s performance, due to which the internal components, like the CPU or memory, may not be functional at times. It causes unexpected crashes, reboots, or a complete system failure. Damaged router functioning also makes you vulnerable to various security threats, unauthorized access, and other exploitations.

Therefore, it is essential to know the causes behind router overheating for optimal router performance to prevent hardware damage and extend the lifespan of your router for a better user experience.

If you are facing the issue of router overheating, we have compiled a list of solutions you can apply to avoid it. In this section, we are going to look at some of the common breakthrough solutions that work in the long run.

Quick Fix for Router Overheating 

1. Proper Ventilation

Avoid keeping the router on a soft surface like beds or couches that block the airflow.

One of the main causes behind router overheating is when the router processes a huge amount of data and manages heavy traffic flow. With proper ventilation, the internal components do not reach the critical temperature state, which prevents the router from overheating. As a result of an adequate temperature, the route gets stable and doesn’t crash, reboot, or reach unexpected downtime.

2. Avoid Extreme Temperature

Nighthawk M6 Pro works best at an ambient temperature, like (0 -35) degrees Celsius. There should not be direct exposure to sunlight, high-temperature environments, or extreme cold conditions.

Since overheating can result in the wear and tear of the router’s internal components, like the CPU, memory, and power supply, With adequate ventilation, the router remains at a cooler temperature, which contributes to the longevity of the components.

3. Remove Battery or Battery Cover

The Netgear Nighthawk M6 Pro has a removable battery. So, it is recommended that when the router overheats, you can remove the battery and let it cool. By that time, you can use the power supply to turn on the router and enable the plugged-in mode.

However, this is not a long-term solution because if the power supply is disconnected, your router may turn off and the network will be disrupted. Also, repeated removal and reinsertion of the battery lead to wear and tear on the overall router lifespan.

4. Check for Firmware Update 

Keep your router firmware updated and install the latest version. This helps optimize the performance of your router and lets you enjoy a smoother online experience. Netgear Nighthawk M6 Pro updates let your router work seamlessly without any glitches.


By addressing the router overheating issues, you can maintain the longevity of your router and let it work with optimal performance. As mentioned above, we have already seen that overheating can result in degraded performance and hardware damage. Therefore, ensure that your router has proper ventilation with strategic router placement and router maintenance. For customized Netgear Nighthawk M6 Pro router issues, reach out to our Netgear support.

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