How to Troubleshoot NETGEAR Router 403 Forbidden Error

Netgear 403 Forbidden error

Netgear routers are one of the best routers for high-speed internet and secure network connection. But sometimes you may encounter problems with Netgear routers such as router not found or 403 forbidden error. In this blog post, we will see how to troubleshoot 403 forbidden errors in Netgear routers.

Possible causes and solutions for Netgear 403 Forbidden error

Make sure Your Internet Service is active

The reason for the Netgear 403 forbidden error may be the internet outage from your Internet Service Providers’ (ISP) end. Contact your ISP and ask them if the internet service is inactive. If that’s the case you can only sit back and wait for the internet to come. 

Check your browser

Sometimes corrupted cache and cookie files saved on your browser prevent websites from loading. You can try clearing the cache and cookies from your browser and checking if the 403 error is removed. If the problem continues, try using any other browser.

Tighten your Router Cable Connections

The cables you are using for your router connection might be loosely plugged. Loose cable connections might block the data transfer. The ethernet cable can also have some wear and tear on it after a certain period that can cause the 403 error. Try changing the ethernet cable if you think it can be the issue.

Check for Wi-Fi Connection Issues

If you are using a wireless router, the distance or obstructions between your router and system may cause the Netgear 403 Forbidden Error. Move your system closer to the router and see if that fixes the issue. You can also try to shift from wireless to ethernet cable connection and see if it solves the problem.

Perform Power Cycle 

This is one of the most effective ways to solve your router problems. Simply disconnect your router from the outlet connect it back after 1-2 minutes and switch on the button. If this method doesn’t work, it means the router is working well, the problem lies elsewhere.

Update Your Netgear Router’s Firmware

If your router firmware is not updated frequently, it may get outdated and cause problems like 403 errors. In the new versions of routers, you can download your Netgear router firmware update through the interface itself or from the Netgear support website. 

Login to your Netgear router website and go to the Firmware Update or Router Update section. Then initiate the firmware update and wait for its completion. 

Re-Configure Your Netgear Router 

Netgear 403 forbidden error can also occur due to router misconfigurations or wrong technique of installation of routers. Try re-configuring your router and see if the problem is solved.

Call an Expert

If none of these methods work and you are annoyed with the router issue, you can get in touch with us and our technical experts will help you troubleshoot Netgear 403 forbidden error. We use advanced troubleshooting methods and tools to solve your router-related problems. To solve your Netgear 403 forbidden error, fill out our chat support form or contact us via email.

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