Decode Netgear Router WiFi Extender Lights [Explained]

Decode netgear router wifi extender lights

You may have been using routers for a while. All this time, you may have seen that your Netgear wife extender lights have been blinking on and off with different colors. Have you ever guessed the meaning of those blinking lights?

Yes, when you are setting up your Netgear wifi extender, there are times of faulty connectivity issues. These colorful extender lights tell you about various issues. 

So, in this blog, we are going to learn about the meanings of those lights and what to do when you do a Netgear router setup and these blinking lights occur. 

Firstly, let us understand the LED status of your router. You may see two types of blinking patterns on the router. The router’s blinking lights indicate the process, data transmission, and errors. 

Slow and Steady Blinking 

If the router LED is blinking slowly and steadily, it shows that the router is attempting to make a connection. However, if the lights don’t stop blinking, there is an issue with the process.

Rapid Blinking 

When you get a rapid blinking light, then WiFi and Ethernet lights are working properly. These rapid blinking lights denote the transmission of data.

Now, you may find various options, like Router Link LED, Power LED, Client Link LED, WPS LED, Client Arrow LED, and Router Arrow LED. 

Router Link LED

This LED light helps to determine whether there is a strong connection established between the extender and the router. 

Router Link LED LightsPerformance What to do
Solid greenBest                  –
Solid amberGood                  –
Solid redPoorCheck the LAN cable

Power LED

Does your Netgear extender have a stable power supply? By knowing about these wifi extender lights, you can find your answer. 

Extender Power LED
Power LED lightsPerformance Indicator What to do
Solid amberRebooting extender Let the router reboot
Solid greenOn (extender)Connect to the device


Have you wondered what a WPS light is for? WiFi Protected Setup, or WPS, simplifies the process of securely connecting the device to the wireless network.

Extender WPS LED
WPS LED LightPerformance indicatorWhat to do
Solid greenSecurity enabledUse a secure WPS connection
Blinking green Connection in progresswait

Client Arrow LED

Does the Netgear extender have a stable connection between the extender and the device? Look at the following table to find out the answer. 

Client Arrow LEDPerformance Indicator What to do
Lit/steady blinkingAn extender is in good connectionContinue working 
Blinking Poor locationMove the device closer to the router

Router Arrow LED

The LED light helps to examine whether the Netgear extender and the Netgear router setup are done properly and are connected. 

Router Arrow LED
Router Arrow LED status Performance IndicatorWhat to do
LitGood location Continue using WiFi
BlinkingPoor locationBlink the device closer to the router and extender

In Short,

Now that you know the meaning of different Netgear WiFi extender lights, you have figured out half of your issues related to Netgear router setup. If you have been looking for online assistance or expert technical, we are here to help you.

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