What To Do If There is No Internet After R6700v3 Firmware Update?

No internet after R6700v3 Firmware Update

Routers play an integral role in conducting our business. Whatever purpose you have, be it networking, online streaming, or watching a video, good connectivity makes life easy. 

From sharing applications to business information, we are all dependent on routers to carry out various functions in our day-to-day lives. Netgear routers have been ranked the best in town for better connectivity and enhanced streaming experiences. 

However, unlike other routers, R6700v3 also has unique challenges. One common challenge that we have always seen is the firmware update

Many people overlook updating router extender firmware on time. However, some users also have experienced other issues, such as after updating router extender firmware, they have been experiencing slower internet connectivity. 

In this blog, we have explained some troubleshooting tips when the R6700v3 firmware update is no help.

We understand your frustration when your WiFi is not working after the R6700v3 firmware update. 

Don’t worry!

We are here to help you with the appropriate process. Many users have complained that their Netgear router has stopped working after the R6700v3 firmware update. So, in the following section, we will look into the troubleshooting tips for the Netgear WiFi range extender

If your internet is not working even after updating the router firmware extender, here is what you should do:

Start with Rebooting Your WiFi Extender

  • Disconnect the wireless extender from the home router.
  • Turn off the extender and unplug it from the main socket.
  • Wait for a while before turning the extender on. 
  • Now plug back into the wall socket and turn on the Netgear range extender. 

Rebooting the router helps you clean up the temporary glitches before restarting the process of router functioning. It enhances router performance because it frees up the data to make the router work faster. 

Check Your Internet Connection

Check whether your internet connectivity is working or not. Firstly, find out if the problem is from your side or your Internet Service Provider. Call your internet service provider and ask the person to check the connectivity. If the fault is there, ask the person to fix it as early as possible. 

If there is no problem from the Internet Service Provider, then check the connection between the extender and the router. Is there a proper connection between the extender and the router?

You also need to check the Ethernet cable. See if it is worn out or damaged. 

Check the Firmware Version

We have seen that many users often download the wrong firmware files. It is worse than not updating the firmware at all. Many users download the firmware of another model, making their WiFi connectivity from poor to negligible.

If you have downloaded the wrong extender firmware version, you need to reset and reconfigure the firmware AGAIN. 

Corrupted Firmware

If you have corrupted firmware, you need to update the firmware again. 

Here is the easy process:

  • Go to the default IP address
  • Log in to the extender
  • Go to settings
  • Then, go to firmware update 

Please note, that you should not turn off the device or extender while updating the router. 


  • Please ensure that you do not update the firmware via the WiFi application. 
  • Also, always keep the auto-firmware update off. The user may start the update process manually whenever required. 

Now, let us learn why it is crucial to update your extender firmware and what could go wrong if you update the wrong one. 

Shortly, when should you NOT update the router firmware or extender firmware?

Many router extender devices automatically check and install new updates by themselves. These devices are preset to check and download the firmware automatically. However, the good news is that you can also manually update the firmware extender. 

So, here is when you Should NOT UPDATE the firmware manually.

When you have no technical knowledge about changing the router settings, updating the wrong firmware can lead to another risk. It will disrupt your security and make your devices vulnerable to attacks. Using the internet smoothly is difficult in such a scenario. 

Also, do not change your router settings without a firmware update because it will compromise your internet settings. It may lead to unwanted access to the device and network.

Always ensure you do not have a power outage while updating router extender firmware.

It will simply make the extender unusable. Besides, if you use an incompatible version, that will be another major headache. Also, make sure you back up the settings before starting to update. 

Why Should You Update Router Extender Firmware?

Updating the router firmware extender improves the functionality and performance of your connectivity. As a result, you will have enhanced WiFi speed and stability for better signal range. Also, updating adds new features, such as parental control and guest network settings. It also helps in fixing security vulnerabilities that keep you safe from hackers. 

In short, this is what you get:

  • Improved functionality
  • Improved performance
  • Enhanced WiFi speed
  • Better signal range
  • Adding up new features
  • Fixing a security vulnerability
  • Much more

Wrapping Up

Many users encounter problems even after updating the Netgear Router extender firmware. It is frustrating, but we have given you the solution and informed you when you should not update the firmware router. Even after reading this, if you can’t update the router extender firmware by yourself or encounter errors, speak to our technicians. 24×7 Router Support will bring you the solutions to make your extender run again.

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